#SuperheroStories: The Association of Saskatchewan Realtors - Easter Seals Canada

#SuperheroStories: the Association of Saskatchewan Realtors

A summer intern, a CEO and a steak night in Saskatchewan

When Drew Pearson signed up to be a summer intern at the Association of Saskatchewan Realtors (ASR), he did not expect to be jumping off of the tallest building in Saskatchewan.

Within his first week, that is exactly what he agreed to do with Bill Madder, the CEO of ASR.

“Bill asked me if I was interested on one of my first few days here… I was still very concerned about proving myself,” Drew admitted.

Drew was in good company, as this was not Bill’s first year in Drop Zone. Bill was able to overcome any initial apprehensions he had about taking the plunge when he rappelled with ASR in Drop Zone 2015.

“Having gone down once and knowing that virtually nothing can go wrong, I am just going to enjoy the ride,” Bill confidently told how his experience this year would be different than his first. “I am excited to see the Hill Buildings up close at 20 storeys high and to see what Regina looks like from up there.”

The view was also something that Drew looked forward to.

Having never been to Regina, Drew anticipated, “I can’t think of a better way to experience it.”

In preparation for the day, Bill was avid about finding sponsors. The ASR team has raised over $2,600 for Easter Seals. Some of these funds were raised thanks to a streak night.

“The steak night was the ASR team’s idea,” Drew praised, “I don’t know what Bill and I would do without their support.”

Bill agreed, “I really have to give a shout out to the entire team here at the ASR office. They have been amazing!”

Along with the support from the ASR team and their respective families, Bill and Drew were both excited to participate in the rappel to support children with disabilities.

“During my career, I have been involved with Easter Seals through CENTURY 21 and have seen the impact they have and how they help in the community,” told Bill.

Although he was a new supporter, Drew’s team spirit also resonates with Easter Seals: “I feel that by fundraising for Easter Seals, I’m contributing in a much more meaningful way than I could on my own.”

ASR supports and promotes REALTORS® throughout Saskatchewan and knows that greatness is the result of a collective effort. It’s no wonder that this team mentality has extended to ASR’s support for Easter Seals as well.