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Booster Juice is a National Partner of the Paper Egg #unstoppABLE Campaign—one of Easter Seals’ signature annual national fundraising and awareness initiatives. Part of our “Easter Seals Month” celebration, the Paper Egg Campaign is a grassroots fundraising effort that brings communities together to raise funds for Canadians living with disabilities.

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Booster Juice specializes in delicious premium smoothies and juices, as well as hot food offerings, such as fresh-made paninis, quesadillas and wraps that offer a healthy alternative to traditional fast food. With over 300 locations across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the Netherlands, India and Brazil, Booster Juice provides its customers with convenient and nutritious on-the-go meal options, making it perfectly suited for today’s busy and active lifestyle.

Every spring, Booster Juice locations all across Canada encourage their customers to make a donation to Easter Seals by purchasing an Easter Seals Paper Egg at the checkout. Customers then sign their names on the Paper Eggs, which are in turn proudly displayed on the store windows, walls and/or counters to create a powerful display of support.

Since partnering with Easter Seals as a National Partner of the Paper Egg Campaign, Booster Juice and its franchisees have raised more than $500,000 to help change the lives of countless families living with disabilities!

In 2018, Booster Juice was awarded the Easter Seals Canada Patron Award which recognizes and honours organizations and corporations that have shown outstanding commitment to Canadians living with disabilities through their long-term support for the mission and vision of Easter Seals.

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