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Assistive and adaptive technologies such as mobility equipment and communication devices, as well as home modifications such as ramps, elevators and ceiling track systems, enable individuals living with disabilities to maximize their abilities, exercise their independence, communicate and actively take part in their communities. Each year, thousands of people across the country benefit from the assistive equipment and adaptive technology supports provided by Easter Seals.

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New Brunswick, 2019: Letter from a Family

Dear Easter Seals and CIBC Children’s Foundation,

A young boy working on his reading and writing

Carter working on his reading and writing.

We were thrilled to learn that Carter had been selected as a candidate for the assistive learning device. Dyslexia presents challenges for him in his reading and writing. As he advances in his school years, the levels and demands for proficiency in text and numbers, along with writing, increases in complexity and difficulty. This device will help Carter break past those challenges and enable him to rise beyond the limitations that Dyslexia can bring.

Carter’s form of Dyslexia prevents him from learning phonetically, and his reading and writing are not an accurate reflection of how bright and intuitive he is. He absorbs facts and other detailed information like a sponge. The applications and programs this device offers will help him to advance in his education beyond these limitations.

This device – with the capacity for visual and auditory aids and assistive reading and writing – will help him unlock those barriers. By removing the frustration and the time it takes to do these challenging tasks, he can continue to excel at his interests and further advance his learning capabilities.

Thank you so much for having considered Carter as a candidate.  His education hurdles are significantly lessened by this generous gift.

The P. Family

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