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Easter Seals Children’s Art Contest

Easter Seals Canada regrets that we will not be hosting a Children’s Art Contest for National AccessAbility Week & Red Shirt Day in 2022. We hope to offer the contest again next year in 2023.

If your business or organization would like to sponsor the 2023 Children’s Art Contest, we invite you to reach out to us at partnerships@easterseals.ca.

The Easter Seals Children’s Art Contest is held every year in celebration of National AccessAbility Week and Red Shirt Day.

Throughout National AccessAbility Week and Red Shirt Day 2021, we asked kids across Canada to draw or paint their interpretation of the theme “When We Include Everyone, We All Win!” for our Art Contest. 

Easter Seals Canada congratulates the 2021 winners and thanks all the children who took time to create and submit beautiful works of art for our contest. Scroll down to enjoy the children’s artwork!

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2021 Art Contest Winners, Runner-Ups & Merit Award Recipients

2021 Art Contest Winners

Theme: “When We  Include Everyone, We All Win!”

Smiling, stick-figure children with brightly coloured clothing form a human pyramid. Some of the children are using adaptive equipment including a wheelchair, crutches and a running blade. The child at the top of the pyramid is holding a gold trophy.

Avery Ng, 10
Winner, ages 10 & under:

(Winnipeg, MB)

Artwork description in Avery’s words:

“I used pencil crayons and markers to make my artwork. I drew a picture of kids forming a human pyramid. A pyramid represents teamwork. Teamwork to me means including everyone and working together. Each kid in the drawing looks different and has different abilities. Each kid is unique and special. If one forgets their job, they all tumble. So they must work together, even when it may be harder for others. When we include everyone, we all win and all have fun!”

Five children with smiles on their faces in a line moving towards a finish line on the right side of the drawing. One child is using crutches, the child in the middle is using a wheelchair and waving a Canadian flag, and another child is using a skateboard. A bright yellow sun superimposed on a cloud illustration appears in the left corner of the drawing across from blue clouds in the right corner. Between the sun and clouds are the brightly coloured works "NO ONE IS LEFT" and the word "BEHIND" appears underneath the line of children.

Mikaila Navarro,11
Winner, ages 11-15

(Hamilton, ON)

Artwork description in Mikaila’s words:

“My picture is about children or adults with disabilities and different skin colours running to the finish line to tell the world that anyone can be anything or do anything in life even if you are different. So that’s why I wrote “NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND” because no one is left behind, but there are some boundaries such as people judging, hating, etc. In other words, those people don’t believe you can be successful in life. However, in my point of view you can be successful in life if you work hard for it.”

2021 Art Contest Runners-Up

Four smiling children with a range of different skin tones and a brown service dog are atop a podium with the word “1st” and a trophy drawn on the base. A rainbow arches above the children.

Nova Bozich, 8
Runner-up, ages 10 & under

(Binbrook, ON)

Artwork description in Nova’s words:

“I drew a picture with all different types of people on the 1st place podium. A girl with a service dog, a girl with arm crutches, a boy in a wheelchair and a boy without a disability. They are all winners of the first place trophy!.”

A group of four musicians' black silhouettes appear on a stage against a deep red background. Spotlights shine down on the group and music notes rise above them. From left to right we see the silhouette of a flutist holding a flute to their mouth, a harpist strumming a harp, seated in a wheelchair, a singer holding a microphone to their face and a guitarist strumming a guitar. Below the stage, we see colourful writing: "When we include everyone, we all win! by Hanishka"

Hanishka Suresh, 9
Runner-up, ages 10 & under

(Burnaby, BC)

Artwork description in Hanishka’s words:

“My drawing says – In a music program when we include all kinds of people we get a beautiful song. Disability won’t be seen.”

Gurudev Bajwa, 11
Runner-up, ages 11-15

(Powell River, BC)

Artwork description in Gurudev’s words:

“This drawing symbolizes the importance of including everyone. Three people are finishing the 10,000 m race. As you can see they all have smiling faces and no one is being discriminated. As you might have also noticed the letters are in rainbow colours, this is a symbol that all genders should be included.”  

Painting with brightly-coloured hands emerging from a book at the bottom. Above the hands is a smoky, reddish coloured bubble with images of diverse people doing a range of activities.

Sofia & Giulia F., 11
Runner-up, ages 11-15

(Hamilton, ON)

Artwork description in Sofia & Giulia’s words:

“We made this painting together of some hands coming out of a book at the bottom and people in the red spot. Like somebody in a wheelchair playing basket ball, a blind person that does karate, somebody missing an arm playing soccer, somebody that has cancer as an artist, and a chef. To show how everybody can be included in something and it can be really fun.”

2021 Merit Award Recipients

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Theme: “An Inclusive and Accessible Canada for Everybody”

Cora Turnbull 

(Category A Winner)

Daniel Ekanayake

(Category B Winner)

Haraameen Snamra

(Runner Up)

Daniel Thomas

(Runner Up)

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