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CENTURY 21 Canada raises over $647,000 in 2016 to send kids to Camp

Easter Seals Canada is proud to recognize and celebrate the tremendous fundraising achievement of our long-standing National Partner, CENTURY 21 Canada.  In 2016, CENTURY 21 Canada and its System members raised an incredible $647,064 for Easter Seals—funds that will provide amazing, time-of-their-life summer camp experiences for over 300 kids living with disabilities across Canada.

Through participation in fundraising events, such as the Easter Seals Drop Zone and Woman2Warrior, as well as the Closing Gifts for Kids program and countless other local fundraising efforts, CENTURY 21 System members generously donated their time and money to make this incredible achievement possible.

What’s even more impressive is that of the Top 10 CENTURY 21 companies in Canada, eight placed in the Top 21 highest fundraising companies in all of North America! A special congratulations to all of the companies listed below for truly going above and beyond for Easter Seals:

CENTURY 21 Company Province Amount Raised Rank in Canada Rank in
North America
CENTURY 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd. ON $118,013.00 1 3
CENTURY 21 Dome Realty Inc. SK $83,236.87 2 4
CENTURY 21 Fusion SK $49,470.58 3 8
CENTURY 21 Bamber Realty Ltd. AB $48,627.50 4 10
CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty Ltd. BC $44,276.00 5 11
CENTURY 21 Leading Edge Realty Inc. ON $41,482.00 6 13
CENTURY 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd. ON $32,344.00 7 18
CENTURY 21 Executives Realty Ltd. BC $27,556.51 8 20
CENTURY 21 Heritage House Ltd. ON $25,000.00 9
*CENTURY 21 Westman.com Ltd. MB $18,115.00 10
*CENTURY 21 Heritage Group Ltd. ON $18,115.00 10

*Denotes a tie

Congratulations also goes to the rest of the Top 21 CENTURY 21 companies in Canada. View the full list here.

Not only did a number of CENTURY 21 offices and companies go the extra mile, but there were also dozens of individual System members who seemed to make it their personal mission to change the lives of kids living with disabilities.  For these special individuals, Easter Seals and CENTURY 21 Canada created the Kids to Camp Club.

Launched in 2015, the Kids to Camp Club is an exclusive “Club” of CENTURY 21 Canada System members who raise at least $2,100 in a calendar year to send kids living with disabilities to Easter Seals’ fully-accessible summer camps.

Having already welcomed 35 members in its inaugural year, Easter Seals is thrilled to acknowledge the 51 System members who achieved C21® Kids to Camp Club membership in 2016. View the full list here.

Easter Seals is grateful for the support of CENTURY 21 Canada, its System members and their families, friends and clients.  Through their generosity in 2016, more than 300 kids living with disabilities will get the opportunity to experience the power of Easter Seals fully-accessible summer camp—a magical place that encourages independence, instills confidence, boosts self-esteem and changes a life forever.