The #UNSTOPPABLE® Paper Egg Campaign


March 4 – April 1, 2024*

Thank you Canada for supporting the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign!

If you are a business owner or manager who would like to partner with us to host the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign in your store, we invite you to reach out to us at

*Campaign dates may vary at certain locations.

What is the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign?

The annual  #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign is one of Easter Seals’ signature national fundraising and awareness initiatives. Part of our “March is Easter Seals Month” celebrations, the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign is a grassroots fundraising effort that brings individuals and communities all across Canada together to raise funds for Canadians living with disabilities.

Each Spring, Easter Seals’ retail partners in cities and towns all across the country will encourage their customers to make a donation to Easter Seals at their at the store’s checkout counters. In return for a donation, customers will receive a Paper Egg (aka #UnstoppABLE® seal) which they are then invited to sign with their name. The Paper Eggs/seals are then  proudly put up on store windows and walls to create a powerful display of support.

If you’re unable to get to a store, you can also participate support Easter Seals and the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign by making a donation online at and send a personalized Easter Seals Spring e-Card to your family and friends.

Funds raised through the Campaign enable Easter Seals to deliver a variety of programs and services for Canadians living with disabilities.

Paper Eggs online

Can’t get to a store or having trouble finding #UnstoppABLE® Paper Eggs in your community? Here are some ways to get involved from home:

  • Get special e-cards! Send an e-card to your loved ones by making an online “Give in Honour” donation to Easter Seals!  Choose the “Gift In Honour” donation option, where you will have the option to one of several beautiful e-Card designs, customize your message, and send it to your loved one or the person you’d like to honour with your gift. (Donations of $20 and over are eligible for automatic tax-receipts). Sending an Easter Seals  e-Card today is not only a great way to celebrate spring, but your support will also help Canadians living with disabilities.
  • Get special colouring sheets for kids! Support the campaign by downloading any or all of the special colouring sheets below for the children in your life/school/community to have fun colouring in. After downloading the colouring sheets, we invite you to make an online donation to Easter Seals! Download the colouring sheets by clicking here.

Composite image of 5 smaller images of colouring sheets featuring line drawings of children with various disabilities taking part in different activities such as a treasure hunt, playing in a marching band, playing at the beach, baking, and a sack race, along with various egg-shaped animal friends

Photos from the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our retail partners, whether independent stores or corporate-owned chains, play a critical role in the success of the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign, and Easter Seals’ ability to raise much-needed funds to offer program and services for persons with disabilities, and their families.

Easter Seals provides and ships all the #UnstoppABLE® campaign/marketing materials to our partners at no cost to our Partners. We are also committed to supporting our partners in their efforts in every way possible – including promoting participating stores during the campaign, and encouraging our supporters to patronize the store.

For more details on how your store can sign-up to be a partner, and the benefits of partnerships, please contact Sheri Boucher (Manager, National Programs and Events) via email at

We look forward to hearing from you!

As a charitable organization, Easter Seals relies on donations and goodwill from Canadians, in addition to funds raised via other sources (e.g., grants from foundations and government, corporate donations) to enable us to fulfil our mandate to provide programs and services that support the well-being, independence, and development of Canadians living with disabilities, and so that they may achieve their goals and aspirations.

At Easter Seals, we recognize that many Canadians want to help and contribute to making Canada an inclusive and accessible society for people of all abilities. So fundraising initiatives such as the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign is one of the ways in which Easter Seals provides Canadians with various options and ways to support the organization’s work.  Inviting Canadians to make a donation at cash registers in participating stores provides a convenient opportunity for people to voluntarily make a small contribution to support this important cause. This is particularly useful for individuals who would like to support Easter Seals but who may not be able to contribute/donate by other means (e.g., unable to make an online donation because they do not possess a credit card).

#UnstoppABLE® Paper Eggs/seals are available at many participating stores and retail locations across the country. For a full list of participating stores in your province, check the list here at

If you don’t see the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg campaign at your local store:

  • You can ask your local store if they are participating in the #UnstoppABLE®Paper Egg campaign, and if they do, inform the cashier that you would like to make a donation.
  • If your local store is not participating in the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign, you can help by encouraging them to take part in the Campaign in the future and show their support for people living with disabilities by inviting them to reach out to Easter Seals at our email:, to sign-up as a retail partner.
  • If you local stores are not participating in the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign, you can also show your support by making an online donation to Easter Seals  here. For a full list of different ways to donate and show your support, click here.

After you’ve donated to the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign in store, there are several things that you can do:

  • Sign your name on the space provided on the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg/Seal and hand it back to the store clerk/cashier. The store will then add your signed #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg/Seal to the display wall in the store.
  • Take a photo of yourself with your signed Paper Eggs/Seal, and post the photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and include the hashtags #PaperEgg, #UnstoppABLE and #EasterSealsCanada to help raise awareness about the campaign and Easter Seals!

All funds raised from the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign go towards enabling Easter Seals to offer vital programs, services and accessibility equipment in support of children, youth and adults across Canada who are living with disabilities. For a full list of the different types of programs and services offered by Easter Seals, click here. The programs and services offered differ from province to province. All funds raised in a province remain in that province.

Over 90% of funds raised through the campaign directly benefits Easter Seals program and services in support of people living with disabilities. Less than 10% goes towards printing and distribution costs.

Easter Seals programs and services are delivered directly by Easter Seals provincial organizations. Contact the Easter Seals organization in your province for details of programs and services that are available in your province. For a list of Easter Seals provincial organizations, click here.

Thank you to all of our partners of the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign!

National and Regional Partners

Provincial and Local Partners

Please note: Provincial and local partners sell #UnstoppABLE® Paper Eggs at select locations only. Visit to find participating locations near you.

Become a corporate/retail partner on the #UnstoppABLE® Paper Egg Campaign. Contact today!