Easter Seals Canada Responds To Budget 2024 And The Latest On The Canada Disability Benefit - Easter Seals Canada

Easter Seals Canada Responds To Budget 2024 And The Latest On The Canada Disability Benefit

April 19, 2024 – On April 16th, long-awaited details of the Canada Disability Benefit were released in the federal government’s Budget 2024. This has been a long‑term, collaborative effort by disability and inclusion partners across Canada: the pursuit of a barrier-free benefit for persons with disabilities Canada wide.

Over 600,000 eligible Canadians will receive the new $2,400 annual benefit; Budget 2024 proposes funding of $6.1 billion over six years, beginning in 2024‑25, and $1.4 billion per year ongoing, for the new Canada Disability Benefit, including costs to deliver the benefit. Some individuals may receive up to an additional $821 every year through the Canada Workers Benefit Disability Supplement, and families with severely disabled children may receive up to an additional $3,000 per year.

While Easter Seals Canada recognizes that the commitment of $6.1 billion over the next six years is a start in moving the Canada Disability Benefit forward, we also acknowledge that the base amount of $2,400 per year may be disappointing to many Canadians living with disabilities, and falls far short of what is needed to lift some individuals and families out of poverty.

The cost of living – particularly for persons with disabilities – has risen significantly, and supports must fully reflect the needs in our communities. Easter Seals Canada and its provincial partners will continue to advocate vigorously for additional funds to heighten the impact of this budget on those who need it most.

For more information, visit: Budget 2024: Fairness for every generation

About Easter Seals Canada

Easter Seals Canada has been making a difference in the lives of Canadians living with disabilities for over 100 years. The charity provides a wide range of services and programs, including summer camps, adaptive sports and recreation programs designed to empower, foster and create opportunities for people living with disabilities to enjoy a world without limits.


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