21 TIMES CHALLENGE - Easter Seals Canada

Are you ready for the 21 Times Challenge?


It can be hard to stay busy, healthy and cheerful while we’re all stuck at home. For anyone looking to stay active and do some good during these unprecedented times, we’ve got a challenge for you!

To take the 21 Times Challenge for Easter Seals, all you have to do is record a video clip of yourself doing something 21 times and share it with your family and friends, challenge 3 other people to take part in the challenge, and make a donation to Easter Seals.

Your 21 Times Challenge activity could be anything that you think is fun, challenging and meaningful to you. It could be 21 push-ups, 21 burpees, 21 high-fives, 21 consecutive shots on net, you could juggle a couple oranges for 21 seconds without dropping anything! Just get creative and have fun on your own or with your family while continuing to follow social distancing and safety recommendations set-out by public health authorities.

The challenge is simple but the potential impact is huge. All funds raised from the challenge will help Easter Seals to provide critical programs and services in support of individuals and families who are living with disabilities.

If you have a few minutes to spare and a social media account, you can help a difference during these challenging times while having fun and connecting your family, friends and networks. Together, we can make a difference!

Get Inspired and Join the Movement:

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Man with a skipping rope
Man jumping in the air
boy walking with crutches
Man with hockey stick and puck

Here are 5 Easy Steps to complete the #21TimesChallenge:

number 1  Film yourself doing an activity of your choice 21 times. You can get creative – dress up, use props, find a unique setting to film, etc.

number 2  In the video, mention who you were nominated by. If you weren’t nominated by anyone, that’s okay. Just make sure to mention the challenge name. For example:

“Hi, my name is _____ and I was nominated by _____ to take part in the 21 Times Challenge in support of Easter Seals. For my 21 Times Challenge, I will be _(describe activity).”

After completing the activity of your choice, remember to tag/challenge 3 individuals. For example:

“I nominate _____, _____, and ______ to take this challenge in the next 21 hours and pass it on.”

number 3  Post your video to any/all social media account(s) you have. Make sure to:

  • Tag the 3 individuals you nominated,
  • Include the challenge hashtag, #21TimesChallenge,
  • And tag @EasterSeals on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

number 4  Donate to your local provincial Easter Seals or Donate Here. The suggested amount to donate is $21 (one dollar for every time/repetition you complete the activity) but any amount is appreciated.

If you are a CENTURY 21 realtor/member or were nominated by a CENTURY 21 realtor/member, you can also donate to Easter Seals via the realtor/member’s personal fundraising page on www.C21KidstoCamp.ca

number 5  Share/repost/re-tweet any #21TimesChallenge videos you come across on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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